Red bulk bin guide

Your red bulk bin is for plastic containers, cans, bottle and jars.

Important: Don’t bag the items – plastic bags cannot be put in your bulk red or blue bins.

Please rinse your recyclables, peel off the labels where possible and squash them to make more space

If you’re unsure if an item can be recycled, please use your green bulk bin.

If you’re bulk bin is contaminated and you require a ‘fresh start’ please click here

Please view our full A – Z of what can go in the red bulk bin below.

  • A

    Aerosols – including empty deodorant, body spray, hairspray, air freshener and polish canisters.

  • B

    Baby milk containers/tins/jars

    Bottles (plastic and glass)

    Butter tubs

  • C

    Cans (food and drink)

    Cartons (including UHT, soya and goat’s milk, fruit juice and sauces)

    Conditioner bottles

  • D

    Detergent bottles

  • F

    Foil (clean kitchen and aluminium)

    Foil trays (clean)

    Fruit punnets (clean)

  • G

    Glass jars and bottles

  • H

    Hand soap bottles

  • I

    Ice cream tubs

  • J


  • L

    Laundry tablet containers

  • M

    Make-up/skincare containers

    Margarine tubs

    Milk bottles (plastic and glass)

  • P

    Plastic egg boxes

    Pot Noodle containers

  • R

    Ready meal trays (that have a recycling symbol 1, 2 or 5 on them)

  • S

    Sauce pots/containers

    Shampoo bottles

    Shower gel bottles

  • T



  • V

    Vitamin and supplement bottles

  • Y

    Yoghurt pots