St. Luke and St. Philip’s Primary School go on Litter Patrol!

St. Luke and St. Philip’s Primary School go on litter Patrol!

In Year 4 at St. Luke and St. Philip’s Primary School, they have been learning all about the environment. They had a visit from our Environmental Education Officer, Sally Booth, who spoke to the class about what the different bins are for at home and where all the recycling and rubbish ends up.

‘The children were so enthusiastic about where their rubbish ends up and knew what could go into their recycling bins and what couldn’t and why’

The class really enjoyed their litter picking, and keeping their environment clean.

After seeing Year 4 take part in litter patrol, Year 6 also did a litter patrol and collected an amazing 20 bags!

If you’re interested in borrowing litter picking equipment at your school and helping Captain Muck and Captain Litter look after where you live, get in touch here