Your handy guide to going green this Christmas

This year, we’re challenging you to go green – starting with these quick and easy steps!

  • Christmas cupboard clear out

    If you have unwanted gifts, items or clothes that haven’t been touched all year, why not offer them to friends, family or charity? This will save you money, help others and create less waste – it’s a no-brainer!

  • All wrapped up

    Please buy wrapping paper that can be recycled.
    If the paper is foiled or decorated with glitter, it cannot be recycled. If you scrunch the wrapping paper and it stays in a ball, you can put it in your blue recycling bin.
    If it opens back up, it must go in your burgundy bin.

  • A bow on top

    While bows can look pretty, they can’t be recycled.
    Please remove them before you recycle cards and gift wrap and save them for next year if you can. If you want to decorate presents, why not go natural and use brown string and sprigs of mistletoe?

  • All that glitters

    Christmas is a time for sparkle!
    While it looks fantastic on decorations, please avoid buying wrapping paper and cards that are decorated with glitter. These cannot be recycled and must be put in your burgundy bin.

  • Christmas crackers

    A lot of traditional Christmas crackers contain packaging and plastic which cannot be recycled. Please instead opt for recyclable ones and avoid glitter, if you can. Even better, why not make your own!