Meet the Heroes

The Reducer

I’m the Reducer and my mission is to stop rubbish going into our bins!

We all create rubbish every day, but have you ever thought how much you actually make and where that ends up?

How can you reduce your rubbish you ask?

One way is to help grown-ups remember to take reusable bags when you go to the supermarket. This reduces the amount of plastic bags being used and thrown away.

Remember to buy only what you need (don’t get sucked into buy one get one free if you’re not going to use it!) and try to buy items with little or no packaging.

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Chief Reuse

I am Chief Reuse. My special power is that I reuse items over and over again to help reduce waste.

Why not have a go at reusing yourself and become a reuse hero!

Instead of buying a single-use plastic bottle, remember to take your reusable one out with you!

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Super Renew

My name is Super Renew and my goal is to give old and unwanted things a new lease of life!

Instead of throwing old things into the bin, could you find a new way to use it? Help me in my mission and use your imagination to think of new ways to use old things.

Maybe you could decorate an old jam jar and turn it into a piggy bank, or make an old sock into a puppet? Or you could give away your old clothes to a charity shop so that someone else can wear them? Can you think of any other old things you could renew?







Captain Recycle

My name is Captain Recycle and as you might be able to tell by my name, I love everything to do with recycling!

Recycling is when products that can’t be reused go through a process that changes them into something new! It’s important that you listen to The Reducer and Chief Reuse first though as we need to do everything we can to reduce our waste and then reuse it before recycling.

Did you know? Glass has an endless timeline, it can be recycled over and over and over again!

Why not become a recycling hero like me?

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