Some easy swaps:

Use a reusable bottle instead of a single-use plastic bottle. Remember to take your drink out with you in a reusable bottle therefore you don’t need to buy one when you are out.

You can use this bottle over and over meaning you’re not using single-use plastic.

Always remember to take your reusable bags with you when you go shopping. This way you do not need to purchase a single-use plastic one in the shops.

Remember! If you are using single-use plastic, check out our A-Z to see whether it can be recycled in your glass, cans and plastic recycling bins at home.

What is the problem with plastic?

Plastic is really useful and we use it every day! But what happens after we throw it away is causing a big problem for our planet. It is thought more than five trillion pieces of plastic are in the world’s oceans and it can take years for it to break down.

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