Don’t be a Christmas Turkey… Please, Think Food, Stop Waste!

Here in Blackburn with Darwen we always see a rise in food waste around religious festivals, including Christmas. Research shows that we throw away almost a third more at Christmas compared to the rest of the year. Much of this is food, with many of us admitting to buying far too much. Please, Think Food, Stop Waste!

Here’s our top five festive tips to help you save money and our planet!

  • 1. Stop before you shop!

    Meal planning is one of the best ways you can reduce waste and save money on your food bills. Start by checking your fridge, freezer and cupboards and then write a list of what you need and try to stick to it.

  • 2. Buy loose

    Where you can, buy fruit and vegetables loose and only get what you need. Our markets are perfect for this and it helps cut down on plastics too! They’ll be open right up to Christmas.

  • 3. Get your festive freeze on

    80% of people have thrown away food that was close to its use-by date without realising they could freeze it and keep it for later. You can safely freeze most foods right up until their use-by date.

  • 4. Avoid deals you don’t need

    Don’t be tempted by supermarket deals you don’t need. If your favourite mince pies are on a two for one deal and you know you won’t eat them all, why not give the extra pack to your family or friends or a food bank? There’s lots of local drop-off points and supermarkets often have a collection point.

  • 5. Keep it fresh

    We know it can be hectic at Christmas, but be sure to regularly check the dates on things like fruit, veg and fresh meat/fish to help save them from the bin. Why not start cooking up some of the frozen goods in your freezer now, ready for those Christmas leftovers?