Wasting food is costing you up to £700 a year!

Latest figures show that almost half of what goes in your burgundy bin is food. Shockingly more than half of that is edible!


We’ve carried out new research across Blackburn with Darwen which shows that 11,000 tonnes of food is being thrown away every year. That’s the same weight as around 2,000 adult elephants!


Now, we’re challenging you! ‘Think food’ and ‘stop waste’

It’s costing households in BwD including yours, your family and friends’ – around £60 a month… that’s £700 a year!

On top of that, we’re having to spend a further £750,000 of your Council Tax every year disposing of it.

Start today – Scroll down to find out more about 3 easy steps you can take to reduce food waste

Start saving food and money today using these 3 top tips!

1. Stop before you shop!

Meal planning is one of the best ways you can reduce waste and save money on your food bills.

Start by checking your fridge, freezer and cupboards and try to use up what you already have.

Make sure you write a list and try to stick to it.

2. Keep it fresh!

Visit Love Food Hate Waste’s A-Z of food storage to find out how to store your food to keep it fresh and lasting as long as possible.

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To keep food in your fridge fresher for longer, be sure to set it below 5°C.

3. Love your leftovers!

Use your leftovers to create delicious meals.

If you have some dinner left in the pan and it can be re-heated, put it in a freezer bag and pop it in the freezer as a ‘ready meal’ for one.

Know your dates!